January 3, 2013

FREE - Variuos Magazine Subscriptions

You can get a free magazine subscription to various titles like the ones listed below.

First follow this link to Mercury Magazines and fill out their survey.
They will send you an email with a $10 gift certificate.
Next you can then get a magazine subscription for $10 or less for free.

One gotcha is that they will sign you up for automatic renewal so you'll have to cancel that before it renews otherwise they'll renew and I assume they'd bill you.

They have various popular titles there under $10 so this can result in a free subscription for magazines such as :

Redbook- 12 issues
Good Housekeeping -12 issues
Reader's Digest -12 issues
Parenting- 22 issues
Seventeen -10 issues
Marie Claire - 12 issues
Esquire -11 issues
Field & Stream- 12 issues
Teen Vogue -10 issues
Details - 10 issues
Motor Trend -12 issues
Harper's Bazaar -10 issues
Coastal Living -10 issues
Hunting -11 issues
Ski - 6 issues
Sport Fishing -9 issues
Bridal Guide -6 issues

I have not tried this deal yet personally and I'm not sure how long it lasts.

I found this deal on Fatwallet

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