January 31, 2013

Another Sensationalistic Fake Tip Story?

Yahoo reported this story Person claiming to be pastor leaves waiter note: ‘I give God 10%. Why do you get 18?’

In short the story claims a pastor left a note on a tip saying ... oh yeah the title of the article actually pretty much sums up the story doesn't it?  

I distinctly remember another story not too long ago that found its way on Yahoo news which was about a rich 1%'er who left a 1% tip with a note "get a real job".   Then the day after that the story was revealed as a hoax.   It isn't hard at all to fake a tip and write something controversial and then apparently the 'news' will pick it up and run with it and 1000 people on the internet will get indignant.

I smell something fishy.   Lets wait and see if tomorrow or the next day this alleged zero tip receipt from the pastor is revealed as just a photoshopped hoax...

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