June 7, 2010

Total Revenue For Various Entertainment Industries

I remember not too long ago hearing that the video game industry had passed the movie industry in worldwide sales.   I found that very interesting.    I thought it would be interesting to find out how much is spent in the various forms of entertainment in the USA.

 Theres big money in this stuff.   Entertainment is a huge industry in the USA and worldwide.  According to PriceWaterhouseCoopers the worldwide spending on Entertainment and Media is expected to hit $2 trillion by 2011.   In the USA the spending on E&M is expected to hit $754 Billion.

Below are a list of various industries and the amount spent in each for the U.S.A.   The figures are in Billions of dollars.

Video games $19.7
US Movie tickets $10.0
Book sales $23.9
Music $10.4
Radio $16.7
Newspapers $37.9
Magazines $40.0
Television  $80.0
Live theatre $2.0
Fireworks $0.9
Toys $21.2
Candy $17.0
Greeting cards $8.0
Fabric, craft, sewing $5.2
Internet providers $20.0
Jewelry $30.0
Weddings  $86.0
Bar and nightclub $18.0
Tobacco  $40.0
Beer,Wine, Spirits $100.0
Pornography $13.3
Casinos $30.7
Total Gambling $92.3
Las Vegas Casinos $5.5
Atlantic City $3.9
Ski facilities $2.0
Sport and camp equipment $3.5
MLB $6.2
NFL $6.0
NBA $3.2
Pro Sports $19.0
Golf $20.0
Bowling  $3.0
RV's $20.0
Horse industry '02 $25.3
Pets $45.4

The figures are from various sources that I found via Google searches.    The number for live theatre was from 1992 which is the only one I could find.   There is some overlap between categories, like for example the spending in bars and nightclubs would overlap with spending on beer, wine & spirits.   And the spending on MLB would be part of the spending in pro. sports.    I didn't check the accuracy of the figures so I can't say if every one of the numbers is correct.  Personally I doubt we spend $25B a year on horses, but what do I know.

I also made up a bar chart to show how the the spending figures stack up to one another graphically:

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