June 8, 2010

Guest Post Policy

I do welcome guest posts here on Free By 50.   If you are interested in writing a post then please contact me directly to let me know. 

Here are some guidelines on guest posts for my site:

  • The article should be a topic that fits with this site.  Almost anything in the personal finance realm is OK but I might refuse an article that has what I consider to be bad information.
  • I retain the right to edit the article if necessary.   I don't expect nor plan to change anything but might want to fix a typo or something like that.
  • I may ask you to edit your article to fix errors, clarify your points or remove unnecessary content.
  • Please no links to self advertise your product or service.   A link to your site / blog in the author description is cool, but thats all.   I'm not interested in hosting guest articles that are simply self advertisement for your products or services.
  • I would require a certain quality of writing.   I'm not an English professor myself so I don't mean to be too picky, but I won't publish something with poor grammar.
  • Please avoid political opinions in your posts.
  • Nothing offensive, unethical or illegal will be considered. 
You can also find some good guidelines for blog posts over at Get Rich Slowly.   If you followed the suggestions that J.D. gives for posts then you'd do well.

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