February 2, 2010

Net Worth Update: January 2010 down $4,506

I track my net worth monthly on NetworthIQ.

This month I'm making an adjustment to what I track by adding my wife's Roth IRA account.  I wasn't previously tracking her Roth IRA in the net worth total.  Her account wasn't all that high and I don't have routine easy access to the balance figure.   So I just didn't bother tracking it.  But now she's been drawing cash to fund her Roth which makes it look like our cash is going nowhere so I figured I should really add the Roth IRA into the total.   Adding my wife's Roth IRA makes about $15,000 difference to the total net worth.

So while the January 2010 figure is now at $627,348 which is up $10,494 from Dec. 2009 that includes a bump of roughly $15,000 from adding my wifes Roth IRA to the tracking.   So the net worth is really down $4,506 in January.

There weren't any major changes in our net worth otherwise.  Basically the value of our real estate dropped some and our cash balances dropped a bit.   My retirement was up some not counting the addition of my wife's Roth IRA figures.

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