February 5, 2010

Best of blog posts for week of February 5th

Free Money Finance posted a reader question Help a Reader: Saving versus Mortgage  The reader is $125k under water on their mortgage and looking into maybe paying down the mortgage some to dig out of the hole and maybe refinance.   But then the comments took a turn into discussion on the ethics or morality of going into foreclosure.

Jim at Bargaineering talks about expired medicine with Insider’s Look at Drug & Vitamin Expiration Dates
But I don't personally feel that comfortable with expired drugs or vitamins.   I *know* that my wife wouldn't.

My Money Blog talks about  Selling Back Really Old Textbooks Online and gives a link to the site BigWords.com.   At Bigwords you can get quotes on multiple sites that buy books and other sites that you could sell the book. 

1 comment:

  1. I liked the article on vitamin expiration dates!


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