May 22, 2009

Our Asset Allocation - May 2009

Back on Sept 21st I posted about my asset allocation.

Then my assets were allocated :

Real Estate 60%
Cash 16%
Pension plan 14%
Equities 5%
Bonds 3%
Employer stock 2%

Its been 8 months since then so I figured I'd take another look and figure the allocation of assets again. As of my last net worth update the allocation is:

Real Estate 61%
Cash 17%
Pension plan 12%
Equities 6%
Bonds 3%
Employer stock 1%

Or graphically:

I've had a little drift in the distribution but nothing too significant. The change in % for each category are as follows:

Cash 1%
Real Estate 1%
Equities 1%
Bonds 0%
Employer stock -1%
Pension plan -2%

The increase in equities is due to adding more to our Roth IRA plans. So that area went up in spite of the stock market going down. The drop in employer stock and pension plan are both due to losses in the stock market. Cash went up because we've accumulated more cash.

Bottom line is that our asset allocation hasn't changed much in the past 8 months.

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