May 4, 2009

Net Worth Update : April +$17,522

I track my net worth monthly on NetworthIQ. For April 2009 my Net Worth is $580,699 which is up $17,522 from the previous month.

On the positive side: cash assets increased over $7,700 and stock and retirement were each up about $4,000. Cash went up mainly due to a large tax refund and the stock and retirement are up mainly due to gains in the stock market We paid down our mortgages by $1,800.

On the negative side our real estate assets continued to drop in value a little as a whole. Our house was down about $1000 and other real estate was up $750.

I should note that I'm using Zillow as my means to estimate real estate values and theres certainly a margin of error in that estimate. The range of values that zillow gives for our other real estate holdings (rentals) is from around $216,000 to $354,000. Thats -35% to +5% difference in those assets. That difference means our net worth could be off by as much as $120,000 in the worst case. However given what I know about the local real estate market I the estimate used is pretty accurate so its more likely to be within +/-5 or 10%.

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