March 6, 2009

Use and to save on cell phones.

I've mentioned using Ebates in the past to get a discount on your online shopping. Today I got an email from Ebates advertising the various discounts you can get. Since I joined them I got on their email distribution so they send regular newsletters promoting deals. ONe of the deals mentioned is a $45 rebate via Ebates if you use to buy a cell phone & cell phone plan.

It turns out that has pretty good prices on cell phones and they seem to be cheaper than buying direct from the cell phone companies. If you the $45 Ebates rebate to the low prices at Letstalk then you can save quite a bit. Check out the examples below.

Note that some of these cell phones and plans are fairly pricey. I picked the phones and plans semi-randomly just to get some examples and I don't necessarily endorse buying these phones or plans. I would recommend you shop around for a good plan that meets your needs but doesn't go overboard with features and minutes that you won't need.

Example #1:

Two Sidekick phones and 700 minute family plan with web access.

T-mobile : $300 for the phones, $120 a month fee, $70 activation : $0 for the phones, $45 rebate from Ebates, $120 a month fee, $70 activation

Save $345 by using Letstalk & Ebates

Example #2:

LG Vu CU920 on AT&T with 450 minute individual plan

AT&T direct : $100 for phone, $50 mail in rebate, $25 online rebate, $48 a month & $36 activation : $0 for phone, $45 rebate from Ebates, $48 a month, $36 activation

Save $70 by using Letstalk & Ebates

Example #3:

Blackberry Curve 8330 on Verizon with nationwide select 450 individual plan with blackberry web plan

Verizon : $100 for phone, $90 monthly, $35 activation : $0 for phone, $45 Ebates rebate, $90 monthly, $35 activation

Save $145 by using Letstalk and Ebates

Thats 3 examples I checked across 3 different phone and plan choices and they all end up saving you money on Letstalk & Ebates.

I haven't used Letstalk myself. They have a 'good' rating on Bizrate with over 75000 reviews so that should speak for something. I don't know much more about the quality of their service.

If you're shopping for a new cell phone plan then Letstalk and Ebates can potentially save you a lot compared to buying direct.

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