November 20, 2014

Small Business Day Saturday from American Express is Nov. 29th - UP to $30 credit

American Express is again running their Small Business Day on the Saturday after Thanksgiving or Nov. 29th.  

From the Amex site :
"On Nov 29, use your registered Card to spend $10+ in a single, in-store purch at a qualifying small business on the Shop Small Map at and get a $10 statement credit. Limit 3 statement credits per registered Card. Registration is limited."

You have to register your Amex card on their site first, but doing so is pretty simple.  I just logged in then saw the 'offers' and clicked on the button to add the deal to my card. 

The Shop Small Map site will tell you what local merchants are participating.
In the past when I looked at the merchants nothing really interested me enough cause me to make a trip.   But this year I found a brew pub, bakery and toy store all in a shopping mall a few miles from our house that offers the deal. 


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