November 23, 2014

One Month of Unlimited Talk, Text and Data for under $15?

 While browsing in the cell phone area over at Amazon I saw a link to a T-Mobile SIM with a $70 unlimited talk, text and data plan for $10.40. 

You can find the SIM here : $70 T-Mobile Prepaid SIM Card Unlimited Talk, Text, & Web

 Shipping is another $4.49 so its just under $15 total.

So you can get a full month of unlimited cell phone use at 4G for under $15.  Thats an awesome deal!

In the details they say that they can move your number but not an existing T-Mobile number.  I'm assuming this is a deal where the person selling the SIM is getting it for virtually free and coming out ahead on the deal and T-Mobile is more or less giving away the first months service to gain a new customer in the process.   I can't help but think this looks a little shady though.    The reviews on the Amazon page seem almost all positive, but thats not conclusive proof since reviews can be faked.

I see another similar deal for a SIM :

$50 T-mobile Prepaid SIM Card Unlimited Talk Text and Web

But with that one theres at least a couple 1 star reviews from people saying that their credit wasn't honored or that its from an unauthorized dealer.

Bottom Line :  I don't know if this is a rip off or a good deal.   Probably best to avoid it though as it doesn't pass the "too good to be true" test.

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