November 6, 2013

Most American Homes Have 3+ Bedrooms and 2+ Bathrooms

If you've been wondering to yourself how many bedrooms and bathrooms a typical American home has then today is your lucky day.

The American Housing Survey for 2009 has a lot of information on American homes.  Buried in their data in Table 1-3 is information on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in homes. 

I pulled the numbers and here is the information presented in pie charts :


So over 60% of homes have 3 or more bedrooms and half of homes have 2 or more bathrooms. 

OK OK caught me.     I'm probably technically wrong to say that most homes have 3+ beds AND 2+ bathrooms since that isn't really captured in the data and we don't have 100% overlap between the 2+ bathroom homes and the 3+ bedroom homes.  But close enough.

Now you know.


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