November 17, 2013

How Much Are Peoples Homes Worth? (Deja Vu Version)

Funny story*.    I just had a good idea for an article :   I'd look at the values of homes in the USA and break it down into some nice charts.    I pulled up the numbers from the 2009 data from the American Housing Survey (AHS).

Then I made the 3 charts below to illustrate the distribution in home values across the country.  

THEN... I thought to myself... "hmm, have I written about this before?" and looked through my old posts.    Yes.  Yes I've written this same topic already just over 1.5 year ago.   See my article from April 2012 :  How Much Are Peoples Homes Worth? it even uses the same AHS data from 2009 since no newer info has been released.    The first charts in that old article is even identical in nature to one of the charts I just made today so I won't bother reproducing that.

So this is the Deja Vu version of that article.    Go back and read the How Much Are Peoples Homes Worth? version if you're interested.  It has the table with all the numbers and a couple charts I made.

Any way here are two new charts on the topic mixed from the same old AHS 2009 data.

and I like this one :

* ok so you're not laughing, guess you had to be there.

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