September 13, 2013

Best of Blogs for Week of Sept. 13th.

Every Friday afternoon I share some of the more interesting or notable posts that I have seen in the personal finance blogs and other sources for the past week

Planet Money has The Most (And Least) Lucrative College Majors, In 1 Graph
While the graph isn't especially useful, I would recommend anyone picking a career field read the first couple paragraphs of the article for a stark contrast between job markets based on major.

Planet Money also has Jobs, Debt And Home Prices Since The Crisis, In Five Charts

The Big Picture shares a similar article with 2008 to 2013: The Financial Crisis in 9 Charts

DoughRoller has a [VIDEO] Step by Step Tutorial on Getting Your Free Credit Report
I also have a Step by Step guide to Get Your Free Annual Credit Report but mine is now 4 years old.


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