September 25, 2013

20% off iTunes Gift Cards - Don't Pay Full Price for iTunes

If you happen to watch my Twitter feed you'll likely have noticed several deals I've retweeted about iTunes gift cards.   And if you aren't following me on my Twitter feed then here's a reminder to sign up for my Twitter feed.  In the past 6 weeks or so I've found and passed on about 6 separate deals for a $50 gift card for $40.      The latest is an ebay daily deal I found via

Given that I've found half a dozen of these deals recently it seems that they are pretty commonly offered.   If you do buy enough iTunes stuff to warrant a $50 purchase then you should save yourself 20% and wait for one of these gift card sales.   I'll pass them along on my Twitter feed when I see them.

p.s. have I mentioned my Twitter feed?
pps this article actually didn't start out as a way to plug my Twitter feed but it seems to have turned into one


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