August 20, 2013

Hodge Podge : Tax Estimator, Medical Cost lookup and Median Incomes & Rents

Here are three interesting sites that I've ran across.   They are all useful or interesting.   These were sitting in my pile of stuff to write about but didn't warrant a article on their own so I figured I'd post about them all together...

Estimate Your Tax Bill : TurboTax's TaxCaster This one is pretty useful to figure out your rough income tax bill.   You can also use it to model how different changes would impact your taxes.   Its smart enough to know what you can and can't claim based on your tax levels.

Get Average Medical costs: FairHealth's medical cost lookup
You can look up specific medical procedures by ZIP code.   It gives estimated costs in your area for various procedures and it figures both the insured costs and uninsured costs.

Median Income & Median monthly rents by Census tracts: Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks
You can put in your address and find the median rents in your area.   This is handy for setting rents or market research for rentals.   You can also look up median income levels which is more for curiosity sake.  I found it interesting to see the huge differences in median incomes in various areas of our town.

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