August 20, 2013

Contest - Win a Milk Chocolate Bar Collection from Sucré

Time for another contest for free sweets.   I  previously gave away some free macarons from Sucré. 

This time Sucré will give the winner a free Milk Chocolate Bar Collection with retail value of $21.00

Contest rules :

  •  To enter please reply to this post and enter a comment.   (one entry per person please)   
  • Contest closes Friday at 3PM Pacific US 
  •  On Friday I'll pick a random number and select a winner among the commenters
  •  You'll need to provide your shipping address so Sucre can send you the macaroons.
  • Contest is open to residents of the continental U.S. only.
  • The prize is offered by Sucré 
  • edit :  anonymous comments won't qualify.

Follow this link to go straight to the comments

p.s. again I'm not getting any compensation or even free food from this.



  1. The macarons were delicious. Given that I won them I am going to recuse myself from this contest :)

  2. I love chocolates :D Count me in! Thanks.

  3. Free chocolate? But of course

  4. did someone say chocolate?

  5. Sorry I should point out that I can't accept anonymous comments. I need some way to verify the winner.


  6. would love to try their chocolate. Thank you

  7. The contest is complete. The randomly selected winner is the 2nd commenter : Heffer

    Heffer, please contact me to claim your prize.

    Thanks to everyone for participating.


  8. Thanks Jim! I've replied to your email.


I'm starting to get too many spam messages in the comments so I'm turning on moderation. Please be patient and wait for your comment to be approved. Note it may take up to a few days for approval, thanks. I've also had to remove anonymous posting of comments to cut down on spam and pure stupidity.

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