June 4, 2013

Hindenburg Omen is still NONSENSE

The Big Picture recently wrote  Why Do People Fear the Hindenburg Omen? and they have a nice graphic showing all the previous 'Hindenburg Omen moments mostly while the market grew but occasionally dropped.     Their mention of the Hindenburg Omen was the first I'd heard of it lately.   But apparently we hit another Hindenburg Omen on Friday.

I found the WSJ articles on it : Morning MoneyBeat: Hindenburg Omen Rears Ugly Head
 Hindenburg Omen Creator: ‘I’m Hunkering Down for Possible Rough Ride’
CNBC also says Why 'Hindenburg Omen' Is Just a Superstition

Please see my previous article on the topic: "Hindenburg Omen" is Nonsense

Its nonsense.   ... Nonsense.     Just ignore this stupidity.   The track record is a horrible 25% correct. 

You could do a better job predicting if the market will go up or down by flipping a coin.   Heads = bull, Tails = bear.  

I honestly think the only reason it gets any press mention is that it has a ominous sounding name that looks good in headlines.  Oh no!!!   The scary Hindenburg Omen is coming!!    Don't bother looking at the fact that its hardly ever right...   Hindenburg!!!


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