November 6, 2012

Who Gets Bonuses at Work?

I get a profit sharing style bonus at work as well as another bonus based on hitting our company's internal performance goals. You often hear of people getting bonuses at work but most employees do not get any form of bonus.   The BLS has data on nonproduction bonuses   The information is current as of earlier this year.

Forty percent of workers get bonuses of some sort.  Heres how the portion of workers getting bonuses breaks down for various kinds of bonuses:

All nonproduction bonuses 40%
Cash profit-sharing bonus 5%
Employee recognition bonus 4%
End-of-year bonus 9%
Holiday bonus 7%
Payment in lieu of benefits bonus 6%
Longevity bonus 4%
Referral bonus 5%
Other bonus 11%

The sum of the categories adds to more than 40% as some employees get multiple types of bonuses.

Management is most likely to get a bonus and 45% of managers do and only 25% of teachers on the only hand get bonuses.

46% of Full time employees get bonuses while only 23% of part time employees do. 

Only 37% of union employees get bonuses while 40% of non-union employees do.  I suspect that is do to the way the unions and the employers negotiate labor contracts.

Lower income individuals are less likely to get bonuses than people making more money :

Lowest 10% earners 22%
Lowest 25% earners 27%
Second 25 percent 40%
Third 25% earners 46%
Highest 25%  49%
Top 10% 52%

Do you get a bonus?  What type?


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