March 30, 2012

Protect Yourself Financially When Hiring Movers

I have only paid movers once and it was to move my wife's furniture from her home into our current home after we got married.   My wife did some online research and she found a good company and we didn't have any problems with the move.   However, I'm sure you've heard of someone who has a horror story about a move and complaints about a moving company.   It seems one of the industries that has some problems with fraudsters and poor service.   Now of course I don't want to paint all movers as bad guys or anything and I am sure most of the moving companies are ethical and do their best to keep from breaking all your stuff.

If you are going to move then its best to know what your rights are and be aware of potential red flags for fraud. is a website setup by the U.S. Department of Transportation to educate consumers about the rights and the rules regulating interstate moving.    Note that I said 'interstate moving'.   The rules and regulations that cover interstate moving from one state to another are different than local moves intrastate.

They have many resources on the site for consumers such as information on the following :

Tips for a Successful Move

Moving Checklist

Protect Yourself Against Fraud

Choosing a Reputable Mover

You can also search movers to find complaint history.   If you're bored you can even read the laws regulating interstate moving.


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