March 29, 2012

How Do Employers Find Hires?

You might know that newspaper job listings are no longer very relevant to job hunting.

I found this report from CareerXRoads that they published in 2009.

Here is their list of 'source of hire' or the route by which the employers found the people they hired  for 2008 :

Referrals 27%
Corporate web pages 20%
Job Boards 12%
All Other 10%
Direct Sourcing 8%
College 4%
Print 3%
Search Engine Marketing 3%
Career Fairs 3%
Temp to hire 3%
3rd party recruiters 3%
Rehires 3%
Walk ins 1%

Keep in mind this is just one survey and the data is a few years old already.  

Job Boards include sites like, Careerbuilder and Linkedin.   Direct Sourcing is described like internal recruiting staff actively going out to find people directly.  

Addendum : I should point out that this survey is not scientifically representative of the entire population.  They surveyed 45 companies and the demographics were not equivalent to the entire labor force.   The jobs in question were all full time positions and mostly salary, exempt.  


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