March 13, 2012

25¢ sales for MP3 Albums on Amazon or Google Play

Lately I've started to see some albums for sale for just 25¢ on Amazon.  For example today you can get Guns and Roses Greatest Hits [Explicit]* album for just 25¢.    A couple days ago there was a deal for Coldplay's Mylo Xyloto album for 25¢ too but its now back to regular price.  

THe 25¢ sales deals appear to occur for the same album on Amazon and Google Play at the same time.  I'm guessing that Google is running promotional sales deals to get some traffic and then Amazon is matching their sales prices for the the album in question. 

In any case 25¢ is a great price for a full album, so keep your eyes out for these deals.

I've seen the deals listed on or    Another way to find them is to monitor the best selling albums list on Amazon as these discount deals quickly become hot sellers.

*  Note there are explicit lyrics in that album, so be warned.

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