July 5, 2011

My Credit Score is 779

I just got my free credit report and credit score from Quizzle again.    Today my credit score is 779.    Last time I checked it was 776 but that was a year ago in July 2010.   The first time I got my score from Quizzle it was 773.   Thus far every time I've checked my score has been up +3 points.   779 is a good credit score.

If you're not familiar with it, Quizzle is a site where you can get a free credit report and credit score two times a year.   They give the Experian report and 'FAKO' score.  

On the Quizzle site they have a feature to see the history of your credit score reports and this is what mine looks like. 

The line looks flat but thats due to scale.   A +3 change isn't so noticeable within a range between 500-850.

Also check out my step by step guide to getting your free annual credit reports.  Between Quizzle and the Annualcreditreport.com site you can spread your reports out and get 5 credit reports a year.

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