October 15, 2010

Best of blog posts for week of October 15th

 Donna Freedman talks sense with Think you’re broke? You probably aren’t.

Pop Economics says   New job market survival skill: Turning a part-time job into a full-time job

Jim at Bargaineering wrote a series of posts on scams.Work At Home Scams,    Family & Friends Mugged Abroad Scam,  Overpayment Scams ,   Nigerian 419 Scams    Its unfortunate the number of people who fall for these scams.  Knowing about them can help you keep an eye out and not fall into their traps.

Dough Roller answers  What is Tax Form 1040 Schedule D?

My Money Blog has some good info to consider on refinancing  mortgages with Mortgage Refinance and Resetting the Clock

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