December 12, 2008

Best of Blog posts for the week of December 12th

Jim at Blueprint for Prosperity discusses How To Properly Loan Money to Family, Friends and one aspect he discusses is minimum interest rates you must charge friends and family for the IRS to consider a loan valid.

My Money Blog points out a deal : Blockbuster & PayPal Promo: Pay For 1 Month, Get $25 With their monthly cost starting at $4 for 2 movies/month that could give you 12 free movies over 6 months.

My Money Blog also tells us about the Fidelity Retirement Rewards Card: 2% Cash Back Into IRA + More and theCharles Schwab 2% Cashback Credit Card

fivecentnickel has some good suggestions with Five Ideas for Charitable Giving in a Bad Economy Not only do they serve us doing a down economy the ideas can work well for people with lower incomes who want to help others.

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