June 13, 2008

Good board and card games for under $10

The other day I pointed out how a pack of standard playing cards is a great frugal form of entertainment. In general board and card games can be a great value. Below are several games I've enjoyed that sell for under $10.

I'm sure you can find a basic game of checkers or chess in your local toy or department store for under $10.

Uno card game$5.49 at Amazon - Uno is a simple and fun card game fun for most ages

Chutes and Ladders $4.82 at Walmart (for kids) - a simple child's game where you try to get to the finish without falling down Chutes and aim for Ladders to jump ahead

Yahtzee $6.69 in stores at Target. - A dice game where you attempt to roll dice for combinations and score the most points.

Rook $7.99 at Amazon - A trick taking card game

Cribbage board $7.99 at Amazon - board for the point collecting card game

Chinese Checkers $8.60 at Amazon - Move your marbles across the board.

Monopoly $9.99 in stores at Target - The classic capitalist game

Pit $9.99 at Amazon - A card game of commodities trading

I looked at Amazon, Target and Walmart and linked to the cheapest where more than one of them sold it. But you could also comparison shop yourself online and at your local stores.

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