June 12, 2008

Eating out expenses down 20% since April

Back in April I posted about how I was Spending a lot on eating out. Since then I've tried to cut the spending. I started bagging a lunch instead of eating out for lunch at work. I've also been using Restaurant.com gift certificates I bought for $4 each to get $25 off of certain dinners.

From April to June I've cut my eating out expenses 20.8%. That trend is definitely good for the pocket book.

I still do spend a LOT on eating out but I do so knowingly. Eating out is one of my big pleasures in life. I'll continue to monitor my eating out expenses and look for any ways to keep the costs down while still enjoying myself by eating out frequently. I wouldn't be eating out much if at all if I had outstanding credit card debts or wasn't saving a hefty portion of my income. But since my finances are in order I choose to spend money on eating out even though its an unnecessary expense compared to eating meals at home.

For more ways to save at restaurants see my previous series:

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