April 18, 2008

Amazon giving a $50 rebate for HD DVD buyers

I just received an email from Amazon saying that they are giving a $50 refund for people who bought HD DVD players in a certain time period. Apparently this is slightly old news. But I just found out today when I received the email. Heres a quote from the mail:

"You are receiving this e-mail due to your purchase of an HD DVD player from Amazon.com before February 23, 2008.
As you may know, manufacture of HD DVD players ceased February 23, 2008, and major studios in the U.S. have ceased production of HD DVDs. In recognition of this development, Amazon.com is providing all customers who purchased qualifying HD DVD players a credit for $50 off any products sold by Amazon.com for each HD DVD player unit purchased from us prior to February 23, 2008, up to a limit of 10 per customer, or a maximum credit of $500 per customer."
They then give you a rebate code to use on your next purchase. It looks like the same thing as a gift certificate code. The email has some more fine print details but you get the general idea from the quoted section.

Circuit City offered a $50 credit. Bestbuy then did also. Its nice to see Amazon following suit.

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