March 24, 2008

My retirement funds

At work I have retirement money in two accounts. There is some money in a 401k from a period of a few years that I contributed and money in my companies pension fund. The pension fund is administered by the company and I control my 401k. I'm 100% vested in both. Currently I am not contributing in my 401k since my employeer does not match my contribution.

401k total = $25,296, invested in:

American Funds EuroPacific Growth Fund Class R5 : ytd= -8.2% = $8886
1 year 10.36%, 3yr 16.93%, 5yr 23.08%, life 14.71%
Fidelity Growth Company Fund : ytd= -13.6% = $8016
1 year 7.03%, 3yr 11.22%, 5yr 16.5%, life 13.8%
Brandywine Blue : ytd= -12.67% = $8393
1 year 9.26%, 3yr 9.8%, 5yr 15.79%, life 13.39%

Pension plan total = $86,708

Employeer contribution for 2007 = $6328
1 year 9%, 3yr 10%, 5yr 13.6%, life 11%

Retirement total = $112,004

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