March 28, 2008

Anti-frugal item : $35 movie tickets

From the Seattle Times: Posh Redmond theater to charge $35 a ticket

Talk about NOT being frugal.

The article says: "Exclusivity is key. Each of the eight auditoriums will have wide screens but no more than 40 seats arranged in pairs with ample legroom. The theater's restaurant and lounge will be open only to moviegoers. An online booking service will enable people to choose their seats; valets will park their cars"

Sounds nice but not nice enough to get my $35. I can't really swallow paying $35 a ticket for a movie, no matter how comfortable the seats are.

Regular movie ticket prices are already high enough. I paid over $6 a ticket for the so called bargain matinee rate the last time we went and regular adult tickets are $9 each. I still do enjoy going to the movies occasionally for the experience even at the $6-7 rate cause sometimes you just have to 'go out'. But normally I'm happy watching DVDs or movies on cable at home.

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