March 25, 2008

Amazon filler, HD DVD rebate and laundry detergent caps

A few blog articles I've found that I thought were worth a mention:

  • The Amazon Filler Item FInder: was mentioned on WiseBread article Filler strategies for Amazon’s Free Super Saver Shipping It lists low priced items on Amazon that can be used to make sure your order exceeds the $25 minimum required to qualify for Amazon's free super saver shipping rate.
  • Consumerism Commentary has an article on a rebate offer for HD DVD units from Best Buy. If you bought a HD DVD player from Bestbuy then they'll send you a $50 gift card. And even if you didn't buy one from BestBuy they have a tradin offer. I checked the quote on my Toshiba HD DVD unit and 5 HD DVD movies and it was a little over $49. Not quite enough to entice me to give up the 5 movies and the player to watch them on.
  • I also heard from Consumerism Commentary about an article posted by No Credit Needed about measurement lines on laundry detergent caps. The point is that it might be worth checking the line you fill up your detergent cap to. Some of us may be using too much detergent and may not even realize it. I'll have to check that myself.

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