June 8, 2018

Sizes of Rental Units in the US

I previously talked about ownership of rental properties.    A lot of the single family home rentals are owned by individuals and most large complexes are owned by some sort of business entity.   

I decided to look at how the rental housing in the US is made up as far as the size of the rental units.  Do most people live in large complexes, single homes or duplexes or a mixture?

I got the data from 2015 Rental Housing Finance Survey

Here's the graphic :

And the figures in a table :

 Number of Units on Property1 47,543
   1 unit 19,283
   2 to 4 units 6,523
   5 to 24 units 4,938
   25 to 49 units 4,081
   50 to 99 units 3,249
   100 to 149 units 1,908
   150 units or more 7,561

A large % of rentals at 40% are single family homes.      The majority of rental units, 54%, are in 1-4 unit buildings.    20% of rental units are in large buildings and complexes of 100 units or more.

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