October 26, 2016

Zillow Rental Comps for October 2016

I have been doing rental comps from Craigslist and Zillow.   The most recent was April 2016.
However right now I'm not able to get Craigslist to give me total numbers for the rentals listed on the map view with consistency and because of that its not practical to try and find medians in my old method.  So I'm just doing Zillow comps for now.

Here are the Zestimate figures :

Jan-16 $1,500 $1,400 $1,675
Apr-16 $1,600 $1,300 $1,750
Oct-16 $1,600 $1,450 $1,695

Zillow also tracks a range of rents with a low and high estimate.

here are the current figures including the low and high of the ranges:

Zillow min med max
A $1,500 $1,600 $1,900
B $1,200 $1,450 $1,600
E $1,600 $1,695 $1,800


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