March 18, 2016

5 Large Pizzas for $23.5 at Papa Johns

First get a Groupon for a $25 egift card for Papa Johns for $25 plus 2 pizzas.   That deal will give you the $25 gift card and two promo codes for two pizzas.    Use Ebates  to buy the groupon and you get 6% back for $1.50 cash.  That makes the net cost $23.50

Then use your $25 gift card to order two pizzas using promo code CRAVE2 (expires 3/27) which gives you two pizzas for $7.99 each.   This will use up most of your gift card.   While making this order also enter the FREETHROW (expires 4/4) promo code to get yet another free pizza.

In total you'll have spent $23.50 and end up with 5 large pizzas.    You'll also have about $9 left on that gift card for another order if you want or to use for delivery charges.    Delivery is $4 at least where I live but you can do carry out for free.

To get 5 pizzas : 

1. Go to Ebates  and the follow link to Groupon.
2. At groupon find the Papa Johns deal and buy it
3. Get your $25 egift card for Papa Johns, also get promo codes for 2 pizzas.
4. AT use CRAVE2 to add two pizzas to your shopping card and then add FREETHROW which will give you a one free pizza on your next order use the gift card to pay.

This will give you 2 pizzas now and then 3 more free pizzas for later purchases.

Standard Ebates blurb:To get cash back from Ebates you need to be signed up with Ebates.  Then simply go to Ebates to get the referral to the store before you do your shopping.  I also get a referral bonus if you use my links to sign up with Ebates.   


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