October 8, 2015

Cheapish Options for Shutterfly $20 off $20 Deal

Shutterfly has a promotion to get $20 off of an order of $20 or more.   Use promo code FIRSTGIFT now through October 13th.

But theres a big catch,, shipping is not covered.   Shutterfly shipping is kinda pricey.   I think part of their business model is to make profits off shipping and offer steep discount deals on their regular prices.  I mean who doesn't like a 100% off sale ... until you see that shipping is $8.99.     But theres still great products on Shutterfly and $20 off $20 is a good deal as long as the shipping is reasonable.   You can get a variety of personalized photo items for a few books.   Magnets, mugs, prints, etc.

Here's a list of items I found and the net cost (mostly if not entirely the shipping) if you use the current $20 off deal :

1. Metal Book Display Easel for $0.99   (note these seem to have poor reviews)

2. 8-9 custom greeting cards for $5.99
For example the Flurries And Flakes Christmas Card

3. Photo Plates  for $5.99

4. Five 8x10 photo prints for $2.99

5. 133 of the 4x6 prints for $7.99 which works out to 6¢ each

6. 19 5x7 prints for $1.99 or 20 for $2.49 (50¢ for one more print is hardly worth it)

7. Photo mug for $7.99

8. Three 3 x 5 (or 3x3 or 2x3) magnets for $6.49

9. set of 4 2x2 magnets for $3.99 or two sets for $9.22

10.  Two 4.5 x 5 magnets for $5.24 or 3 of them for $8.06

I've bought their photo mugs, magnets and photo books and have been happy with the quality.    The website is pretty good too.


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