April 27, 2015

Use CashBackMonitor.com to Maximize Cash Back

Checck this site out : CashBackMonitor.com

They monitor the different cash back portals to see which one gives you the most cash back for each retailer.    So say you want to buy something pricey at Home Depot and want to make sure you get the most cash back .  If you go to Cashbackmonitor.com right now they say that the max cash back is 5%.  Top Cashback and Discover Deals are both giving 5%.   

They seem to monitor a bunch of cashback sites, some of which I haven't even heard of.

Looks like a good way to make sure you get the best cash back.

I did however notice that for Amazon at least they list the top cash back at 8.5% but thats only available for some products.   So you may have to sort out some figures that are really "up to" the amount.


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