April 17, 2015

Statement Credit Cash Back Deals on Discover Deals

The Discover  credit card offers promotional cash back rates and statement credit deals on their Discover Deals website.    Currently the cash back deals offered include :

$1 back on a $5 purchase at Panera - exp 4/29
$5 back on $30 purchase at Red Robin - exp. 4/22
$10 off a $30 purchase at Kohl's - exp. 4/19   (requires a coupon)
$10 back on a $50 purchase at ULTA beauty - exp 4/22
$25 back on a $75 purchase at bella Terra mineral cosmetics - exp 4/29
$5 back on a $75 purchase at skyo - exp 4/29

Note that you can stack these deals with other promotions usually.   But you should check the actual offer on the Discover card site to see the specifics.  

They also have various promotional cash back deals and discount deals.  


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