August 21, 2014

10 Times I Told People They Were Wrong

I often find myself writing a big long article venting about some idea or fad that I see echoed around the personal finance blogs.   Here are ten of my favorite such articles I've written in that vein :

Experiences Aren't Necessarily Better than Things  I like my stuff.   I also like many of my experiences.  One is not necessarily better than the other. 

Tiny Houses Are A Stupid Idea  I can't fathom the popularity of these things other than that they are cute.  So are kittens.

Money Can Buy You Happiness    Not sure?  Gimme your money and I'll demonstrate.

I really felt strongly about that so I wrote the same thing again about three years later with a slightly altered title (because my memory is awesome).

Money CAN Buy Happiness 

Give People Cash as Gifts  A $20 bill is better than a crappy poorly chosen gift they just have to return.

You Are Not Entitled to Financial Aid  So stop whining about it.   Nobody promised you a free college education.

You Should Love Mopping Floors  Work, like mopping floors, isn't something we should all  love.

Lottery Winners Don't Automatically go Bankrupt   Many do but many don't.   I'm willing to bet that the vast majority don't go bankrupt.

The Hazardous Road of Following Your Passion Its a nice idea but a passion doesn't ensure a good paycheck.

Americans do NOT spend 6 Billion Hours on their Taxes   Thats about 20 hours for every single person in the country... no we don't spend that long.


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