June 5, 2014

So Hows that Gold Investment Doin?

Not very well.

Its been about a year since I talked about gold.  In June 2013 I pointed out Another Big Drop in Gold.
Which was a bit after I asked Is Golds Run Finally Coming to an End?

Yeah I think the bull run of gold is officially over.    2013 was a bad year for gold with the prices dropping nearly 30% for the year.     2014 hasn't been very good either and so far gold spot prices are virtually flat.

Here's GLD versus SPY for the past 12 months:

(click for full size, source: Yahoo.com)

Not pretty for gold.


1 comment:

  1. Only gold I have is in my fillings. Seems most bought high and are selling low. Just like the stock market. Many are buying overpriced stocks now but sold at the bottom. Housing boom everyone wants to flip houses. At the bottom they sell or get foreclosed.
    I don't understand people and their stupid investment thinking. Oh well, more for me.


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