February 16, 2014

$30+ worth of Gift cards and subcriptions at Gathr for $20

The site Gathr  lets you bundle monthly subscriptions for gift cards and services.

You can create your own bundle of gift cards for $20.  

You get to choose one item from 4 categories :

#1. bonus item - choices include :  Amazon, iTunes, Ticketmaster or Starbucks = $10
#2 credit item - choices include :  Fandango, Groupon, Dominos, Barnes & Noble, ToysRus or Zappos = $10
#3 subscription item - choices include : : month of Pandora, ShopRunner, also several magazines, etc
#4 service item - choices include : Livingsocial $10 or Amazon video $6 or other misc from #3

So for example I could do #1 - Amazon $10,  #2 - Fandango $10, #3 Pandora, #4 Livingsocial $10 and get $30 worth of credits plus a month of Pandora for $20.  

This can be a good deal if you use the merchants offered.  I just missed telling you about a promo deal they had with a bonus $20 Amazon card that made it a fabulous deal but unfortunately it looks like that deal expired.

They also have other pre-bundled packages.   One that looked like a decent deal : 
Domino's $10, Amazon instant video $6, Amazon $10 and ShopRunner = $15
Thats $26+ worth of stuff for $15.

Important Note :   Gathr is a monthly subscription service, so they will automatically bill you every month.    However you can cancel at any time so if you chose you can get the credits for just one month then cancel.

Plus if you refer a friend and they sign up then you get another $10 Amazon gift card. 

My links to Gathr here are my referral link so if you sign up after following the links here then I'll get the referral bonus.


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