October 4, 2012

The Worlds Wealth by Nation

I wonder how many Americans realize we are the wealthiest nation in the world by a wide margin?   The way people seem to talk in the US you'd think we were all broke  or close to it.    Of course our nations wealth isn't in the hands of most of the citizens but as a nation our wealth far exceeds any other nation in the world by a wide margin.

Wikipedia has a list of countries by distribution of wealth and there they show the % of the worlds wealth held by each nation.

Here's a graphic of the nations with the largest share of the worlds money :

The US holds about 2.5 as much wealth as #2 Japan.   We're #1 by a wide margin.

Also notable is the fact that just 5 nations control over half the worlds wealth : USA, Japan, China, UK and Germany.   The 18 countries that hold 1% or more of the money have 80% of the total.

Next time you or someone you know acts as if our nation is broke, think again.

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  1. According to the international wealth management, American wealth is shrinking while Asian wealth, spearheaded by China and India are rising in share.


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