October 25, 2012

Manufacturing by Nation for 2010

In 2010 the worlds total manufacturing output was about $12 trillion. The US and China accounted for about a 3rd of total manufacturing. Here is a pie chart showing the worlds manufacturing as split by nation. Note that China only recently passed the USA in this measure. For 110 years the US was the worlds leading manufacturer. Still our $1.8T in manufacturing output is nothing to sneeze at.

I pulled the data from United Nations site.   Note that this is just manufacturing and does not include mining or agriculture.  Also this doesn't show the amount of imports or exports either.

Here is the data in chart format.   Figures are in billions of US dollars.

Now in table format:

China, People's Republic of  $      1,923
United States  $      1,856
Japan  $      1,084
Germany  $         614
Italy  $         308
Brazil  $         282
Republic of Korea  $         279
France  $         268
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland  $         231
India  $         226
Russian Federation  $         209
Mexico  $         179
Indonesia  $         176
Spain  $         170
Canada  $         167
Australia  $         117
Turkey  $         114
Thailand  $         114
Rest of World  $      1,859

18 nations listed produce $100 billion or more of manufacturing and add up to about 85% of the worlds total.

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