September 24, 2010

Why You DO Want a Blue Collar Job

The other day I gave a bunch of reasons why blue collar jobs may not be as wonderful as some bored, day dreaming office dwellers might think.    But of course there are also a lot of positives to blue collar work. 

Hourly Pay
If you're on a salary right now and the boss comes by around 4:30 PM on Friday afternoon and tells you that he's gonna need you to come in on Saturday to work on the big project then you get paid diddly squat.   If you are a blue collar worker then generally by definition you are paid by the hour.   Every hour you put in is paid for and if you work overtime then you get paid extra.  This can be huge.   

No College
You do not need college degrees for blue collar jobs.   You don't have to spend four years studying and paying tuition bills to get a college degree.    Blue collar workers get a 4 year more time working and earning wages.

Get Paid To Learn
Blue collar jobs generally train you on the job.  You are typically paid to learn in the earlier years.   In skilled trades you will have formal apprentice programs where you learn your trade and then become licensed.  Instead of having to pay for college you get generally free training while you're paid to work.
Self Employment Options
Self employment among skilled construction trades is relatively common.   If you are a plumber or other skilled trade then starting up your own business to offer your services is fairly straight forward.  

Leave Work at Work
In general its much easier for blue collar workers to separate work and leisure time.   You can't take your roofing job home when the day ends.   

Casual Dress
Blue collar work environments do not require you to wear a suit and tie or a skirt.  Casual dress is the norm in blue collar work places.

Lower Responsibility or Stress
Many blue collar jobs carry little responsibility and stress.   Generally the responsibility level of a blue collar worker is limited to the project they are currently working on.   The responsibility level can be minimal and this in turn helps keep stress lower.   Of course any job can be stressful if the circumstances are poor, but a lot of blue collar jobs are either low stress or basically stress free.  

Physical Activity Keeps You Healthy
In blue collar work you are most often doing some form of physical effort to varying degrees.   A bit of physical activity is good to help keep you healthy.  

No "Case of the Monday's" 
You are not likely to be asked on a construction site if you have a "Case of the Monday's".  You are not subjected to "motivational" posters or corporate slogans meant nearly as often. 

Of course every work place is different and there is a lot of variety in blue collar jobs and workplaces.   So not every blue collar job will share all these positives.   But generally I'd say most blue collar jobs do have these benefits.

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