May 21, 2008

If you traveled overseas 1996 to 2006 you might be due a 1-3% refund.

If you traveled outside the USA in the period February 1, 1996 to November 8, 2006 and used a credit card or debit card then you might have a refund coming to you. See this site:

The banks and credit card companies were charging fees for conversion of foreign currency on card transactions made overseas but failing to notify customers about the fees. There was a class action lawsuit against the credit cards and banks and it was settled with the banks and credit card companies agreeing to pay $336 Million dollars. Of course the banks and credit cards claim they did nothing unlawful or wrong, but handing over 1/3 a Billion dollars kinda says otherwise to me.

If you have used a credit or debit card for foreign travel in that 10 year period then make sure to check into the site. Settlement isn't' finalized but you could get up to 3% of your money back.

So if you do have any foreign travel in 1996 to 2006 then head over to and file a claim. The deadline for filing a claim is May 30 2008 so you've only got a few days left.

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