May 3, 2008

How to save on gas #4 - using GasBuddy

I've been discussing ways to save on gasoline costs. Another way to save on gas is effective use of the website. GasBuddy is a collection of websites for each state and major city that shows recent gas prices for that area. The information is entered by users of the site and usually updated fairly frequently. Its a real handy site to quickly find the cheaper gas stations in your area.

To use GasBuddy:

  1. Go to
  2. Type your zip code into the search box and hit the Search Now button
  3. This will bring up your local page with gas prices in your area. This information alone is pretty handy and if the cheapest station is close by or within your normal driving path then that's all you really need to do.
  4. To find the cheapest station nearby or in your driving path the map option on GasBuddy is pretty handy, click on the 'Map Gas Prices' button in the menu at the top of the page.
  5. This lands you on a map of the local region with as prices shown by location. To narrow the map to your side of town you can put your zip code in the search box on the map itself. Now you can visually see where the stations are and their prices.
  6. Scan the map for your neighborhood or path to work, school and find the cheaper stations.
If I use Gasbuddy on my area I can quickly and easily see on the map that while there's a station with $3.65 gas right on my way to/from work but just 1 mile over there's a station selling gas for $3.55.

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