September 20, 2018

FREE Photo Magnets at Shutterfly - pay S/H of $4 for 1st and $1.75 addn

Shutterfly has a promotion today only for free photo magnets. 

Offer is good for either 3"x 5" size or 4" x 5.5" size. 

Use promo code : GOODIES

You get the magnet for free but you have to pay for shipping/handling.    The  magnets are $3.99 shipping for the 1st and then $1.75 for each additional.     So for example you can get 4 magnets for $9.24 shipped. 

1 magnet = $3.99
2 magnets = $5.74
3 magnets = $7.49

I've bought magnets off Shutterfly a few times and there are a good product.   


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