April 17, 2018

PSA : Amex Blue Does NOT Count Fred Meyer as Groceries

The American Express Blue Cash Preferred card has a nice 6% cash back reward for groceries.     The card carries a $95 annual fee but if you use it for groceries this can more than pay for the annual fee.   Except at Fred Meyer...

Amex Blue does not register Fred Meyer as a Grocery and thus you don't get 6% back from Fred Meyer purchases.    This is true even if you buy only groceries at Freddy's.

I just wanted to put this out there in case I can help keep someone else from making the same mistake as me by assuming Freddy's would count as grocery.

I'm not sure but I would assume that all Amex don't report Fred Meyer as grocery, not just the Blue cards.   But the Blue cards are the ones that have extra cash back for grocery as far as I know.

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  1. Do you know if this applies to other cards? Usually the coding comes from the store, not the bank, so if Freddy's is not a grocery store for AMEX, it might not be for the Sears MasterCard I was going to put all my groceries on in May...

  2. Steve D,

    For my Citibank Mastercard the charges from Fred Meyer do show as grocery. "merchandise- grocery store, supermarket" which is the same category as Albertsons.

    Thats the only other point of comparison I've got off hand. I'm not sure who decides which category they go in if its the credit card company or the merchant.



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