September 11, 2016

I Just Saved 50¢ in One Minute

Actually I don't think it even took a full minute but I didn't time it to the second.    I saved that 50¢ by logging into the website of our grocery store and then licking on the 'load' button for a coupon for eggs.  Simple as that.  

I don't clip coupons much.   It hasn't usually proven to be very effective for me to use coupons.  I get the circular in the mail and flip through it and don't find any brands or products we want.   However Fred Meyers has a rewards club and a online site where you can load the coupons to your card electronically.    They've started to also give you coupons tailored to your shopping habits.  At least I assume they do so since they seem to frequently have coupons that exactly match the stuff we buy and even coupons for stuff I've bought in the past but haven't bought lately.   It all looks exactly like they're using my shopping habits to target coupons to entice me to continue to shop and buy more stuff.     The upside of that is I get coupons that I actually want and can use.  

It is also very easy to do it electronically with the website.   As I said the whole process took a minute or less.    I don't even have to remember to bring the coupons with me or sort through them at the store which makes it even easier.  

50¢ isn't a ton of money but it is certainly worth one minute's effort.   That works out to $30 per hour tax free.   I've previously gotten useful coupons worth $2-$5 so the 50¢ is pretty low.     Of course saving money by using coupons isn't news, but using a grocery store's website to load them to your reward card is new to me at least.    And while previously clipping paper coupons wasn't proving effective for me this method  actually does work.


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