June 13, 2016

500 Amazon Coins ($5 value) for $1

The current HumbleBumble deal has 500 Amazon coins for the "Pay what you want" price.    The minimum you can pay is $1.    So you can get 500 coins (worth $5 in app purchases) for $1.    There are several other game items on the list, but nothing too special as far as I can see.   But look for yourself, maybe you'll find other value.

Id' only recommend this if you've got something you particularly want on the Amazon app store that costs money and is worth spending money on.   Theres tons of free apps out there so paying for apps is often wasting money.    But theres exceptions.

Here's a link :   E3 digital ticket

Or go to Humblebumble.com and follow the links to the game bundles.


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