February 15, 2015

An Example of Instacart versus In Store Costco Prices

I just made a trip to Costco to pick up a few things.    They had a big sign advertising that you can use Instacart to shop through Costco here now.   I decided to compare my receipt to the prices on Instacart.

Here are how the prices came out :

store instacart
walnuts 18.99 $    23.19
pecans $   12.99 $    15.69
coffee $   16.99 $    18.29
jam $     6.89 $      8.49
toilet paper $   15.99 $    18.29
trash bags $   13.99 $    17.09
SUM $   85.84 $  101.04

As you can see there the prices at Instacart are all higher than in store.     Overall the prices are 18% higher via Instacart.    This little shopping run took me maybe 20-40 minutes all together in the store and I certainly took my time browsing through Costcos aisles.

Instacart price is $15.20 more than going to the store.  Plus assuming you don't have their membership you'd have to pay their $3.99 delivery fee for a total of $19.19 extra


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